04 October 2008

exactly as forecast

Saturday started off with strange conditions, the wind has plenty of south in it and the hill is unflyable, even the floaters aren't floating so the Epsom guys entertain us with some zagi hand launching.

not much to do except kick heels and look at grass

xc weather is spot on, the only place in the UK that isn't experiencing a SW wind is Thurnham!

Ah ha! it's about 12ish and it's starting to work, helped by the arrival of the Croydon Crew. Deryck leads the way, the bigger models that can range out and cut through the chop are getting away on the far side of the castle. Very soon the blow is firmly from the south west and what ever you've got will fly


scalie type thing

bigger scalie type thing

more wind means more weight

not impressed...

.... but it works!

these boys have had their fill and de-rig before the showers hit us

Daisy and Buttercup escape an adjacent field and head down the road, they're after some hot action but haven't noticed our resident bovine boys have had the chop!

The wind continues to rise as the day progresses, and Croydon chaps get a quality fur ball going on the lip, the afternoon brings the full size chaps and Alan. Once again we're grateful for the cow shed as we're hit with regular showers.

edge of the action

ready for an auction?

Good session had by all it seems. By 3 o'clock it's gusting over 30mph and most of us head off, we're already missing the summer!


  1. we arrived after 3,and got a little flying in,then I managed to fly into a tree! >.<
    got the wing back,but fuz is still sitting in the top of the tree,how embarrassing!

  2. oh bugger, must have only just missed you, it's blowing a hoolie out there so fuz may get dislodged before sun rise! name and address in it I presume?

  3. no name or address,but fuz recovered the sunday after the arrival ;)

    bit tatty,tail trashed,but its not too bad ;D

  4. good stuff, I'll sleep well tonight