19 October 2008

the whole weekend works!

The wind's good for the whole weekend. There's plenty of takers over the two days, Saturday is very pleasant, Sunday is a day for weight, speed and carnage.

The Epsom (or is it Esher?) chaps show up for Saturday morning, with their superb scratch build scalies and impeccable hill side code, the locals are put to shame. There's a veritable cornucopia of regulars, Steve, Ray, Roger, Duke, Paul, Mad Mick, Cat Weasel man, Trev, Vaughn, Eric, Mrs Eric, and new man from Sutton to name but a few.

Mick has a good sesh with the Easy Star with hi-def handicam on board, it's darn tricky getting those air to air shots.

Steve spot lands on a bull, man launches his 100" floater into 25 mph winds (very short flight), Ray lands his ricochet onto barb wire fence (it doesn't ricochet) Mick snaps wing of Easy Star with assistance from Paul. The sun prooves to be a p.i.a. as it's starting to sit lower in the sky now, but it's better than rain I suppose!

Duke pushes it out

you'd have thought they'd never seen an Easy Glider before


core that!

Eric turns up to deliver this month's copy of QFI

died and gone to heaven

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