22 October 2008

happy chappies

October has provided us with some splendid conditions, and today is no exception as plenty of slackers sneak off up the hill to enjoy good thermals and a pleasant wind

the gloves are on!

a good spread

Alan, t'Other Paul, Ray, Duke, Colin, Paul and a couple of unknowns set to with a variety of slope soaring devices. The brothers unknown launch and quickly land in one of the trees down in the gully...probably the only tree in a mile radius you can't climb!

well planted

Bizarre found object

Ray has trouble keeping it up too, so he and Paul head off down the hill for a retrieve. They stumble across a bizarre object what can it be?

Well at least Paul will have no trouble keeping it up today!

attack of the giant caterpillar

Colin's had enough of this nonsense

these guys are experts, look at that kit!


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