25 October 2008

heavy gear

The boys have got out the heavy gear today, despite the early calm conditions the wind picks up from about 12ish and doesn't relent. However the air does smooth out as the afternoon progresses, but at 20mph(ish) it's a day for your heavier kit.

Deryck successfully maidens his new (to him) Toplight, and progressively adds lead to get this lightweight moving on.

full size jobbies

T'Other Paul brings out the Sword for a decent thrashing, and thrash it does! However there's a lack of anything useful under the bonnet, Paul holds his tranny for show only and is really controlling the model using the power of The Force.

There's Steve, Colin, Alan, 2 Pauls, Deryck, Mick, Ray, Eric and several cows out to enjoy the vertical tendencies of the waftage.

who gives a stuff about jittery servos, just chuck it off!

What's Deryck up to? images to follow....

overhead with a fine whistle!

start 'em young!

Trev joins us later on and we all fly 'til dark to get the most of our fix before the clocks go back. We head off home with glowing faces and far off memories of the summer.

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