11 October 2008

under pressure

The forecast is spot on, there's gentle wind brought in by classic high pressure conditions. Did I say classic? this high pressure brings a south westerly!

The direction and strength are fine, but there's murk in the air and it seems an inversion layer is keeping thermals from developing, so it's conditions for efficient models.

Well it's immaterial really as the paragliders are out in force with as many as five hugging the ridge at one time. The air's more congested than a '70s commuter trying to buy a first class train ticket to Nottingham.

nice of you to drop in!

South African contingent

Colin's no flight pre-flight

Roger's pre-flight prostate

who needs a fly-cam when you've got a Hi8 cam!
(footage to follow at later date)

Mad Mick turns up to talk at us

several bonfires, each gives a different wind direction

no caption needed!

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