10 October 2008

saint slacker's solstice

Saint Slacker decrees that with Capricorn rising in the east, and conjoining with Aplina descending from the south west, this weekend is the sloper's solstice. This brings superb conditions for today, with more promised for tomorrow.

As a result there's many of the usual suspects shirking their everyday duties and sneaking up the crest of the Downs to enjoy the sun and moderate to strong breeze.

Paul's in a rush to get flying and employs the 'rear near side levitation' maneuver favoured by members of the extreme parking association.

who gives a stuff about share prices when you can be enjoying this!

The wind is a firm 15 to 20mph and there's a good spread on the patch. The lift's not blown out by the stronger conditions, and it's complimented by good thermic conditions. To top it all the sun is out and it's warm...hurrah!


cheer up Rog' you're future happiness is in south westerly winds, not the FTSE 100

ready to rip it up in an old skool stylie

fox takes to its hanger

What can I say, it's just glorious! However there are some incidents. Ray lands out.....way out round the back, we still haven't found it! The red floater isn't the best beast for the conditions, but gets away....and then 'arrives'.

bull digs ground with front hoof and expels puffs of steam from nostrils

nice chap from the flat lands of Essex, his Granau loves the lift

Alan's new (to him) Storm is a good performer

Duke preps the ASWish, and ignores warnings about the all moving
(but double centering) tailplane

it so nearly made it back home, unfortunately the fence was 12 inches too high

(does anyone else think it looks like it's break dancing?)

never mind, grab another victim from the hanger!

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