04 April 2009

oh the horror!

who's the daddy?

Mist, murk and drizzle start Saturday off, but on a positive note it's brought in on a sou' wester! This means there's a few optimists staring into the gloom as white gliders drift in and out of visibility up on the hill.

the air bitch project

Phil is convinced that by 12.30 things will improve. At 12.29 the clouds part, the ground spews forth a plethora of thermal activity and the sky instantly fills with paragliders.

Soon the warmth reaches far-off burrows and blinking, squinting aeromodellers shuffle onto the hill side to bask in the rays and throw stuff into wind.

It's all going jolly well and then what'd know...another midair! It's a meeting of the big mouldies as Alan and Phil do the kind of damage that makes grown men cry. What more can I say?

the tree looked even less climbable in reality

'see... just a bit of tape and you're good to go!'

direct hit!

spring has sprung


  1. precious :-)

  2. and we had at least 2x maidens today
    Jart LT (vido link later)
    and a rather sweet Windrider Fox - which flew perfectly with no trim needed (or pilot input!)
    anf the not-quite-maiden been-around-the-block-a-bit Cobra - which went rather well

  3. a good day had by all me thinks

  4. Sorry to see the big models clashed after we left.
    Peter from Shep

  5. Poor Alan and Phil, 2 nice models damaged there. Seems like they 'landed' near the castle ruins ?

  6. All terrible stuff, yes Alan went in by the castle, as did one on Phil's wing tips. The remainder of the Falcon went in on the eastern end of the slope.