25 April 2009

holly comes alive

It's Friday afternoon and just like the old days Holly is thronged with men twiddling their sticks. The trees are bursting into life and the vipers are catching some rays.

Simon's Mini Ellipse pretends to have landed in a bush so as not
to feel left out

The Gravesend Club put up a fur ball to be proud of. Most of the fly-aways don't even bother with the trees, they just plough straight through in to the road.


happiness is a hill called Holly

Even Ray pays his first visit to Holly. He talks himself out of flying, more worried about landing out than dodging the bushes. At a loose end, Ray and Paul undertake litter duty which results in a slight soiling of the pants when Paul nearly picks up an adder.

Holly Short 2 "Sudden Impact- A Combat Special" to follow later this year....


  1. Oooh I can't wait for the zagi combat special.
    Its going to show the mayhem !!!!!
    Great blog Paul can't wait for the vid.

  2. Glad you're enjoying it John, got some good footage but I'm a bit pushed for editing time at the moment.

    Rest assured it will be coming to a blog near you at some point in the not too distnat future though.

  3. Cheers Paul, looking forward to seeing it.