10 April 2009

a good, good friday

The hawthorn is in blossom, the trees are budding and the sun is warm. The Met Office get it together and after a week of the forecast changing hour by hour, they present us with a slot suitable for the long pounded chalk of Holly Hill.

It's been a while since many of the usual suspects have given it a go here, and Mother Nature hasn't been idle. The greenery is pressing hard on the ever decreasing patch and Paul laments his lack of Napalm. He does have the next best thing though- a barbecue! however by the time we're all fed and watered it's lost too much heat to start a wide swept bush fire. Shame really as 4 planes end up in the flora.

The morning is a mixture of sun and clouds, but Holly doesn't hold back on her renowned thermal activity. Paul and Deryck staff the pre-lunch shift, but are joined by Mike, John, Ollie, Henry and Mother of Ollie and Henry (I think that's right). We also get another John and Rob, oh and a couple of buzzards.

There's a regular nesting of models in trees, but they all get retrieved safely and with little angst. amazingly they even find the 'fly away' (lucky chaps!).

The forecast is spot on, and by 3.30 we all decide that rain stops play. What a splendid day, and beautifully timed to start the holiday weekend. Having refreshed ourselves with the niceties of Holly I'm sure we'll all be back soon.

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