30 April 2009

where's woody?

Last seen making rash purchases at the BARCS AGM and on the VIP list for 'Gatecrasher' he's yet to put in an appearance on the hallowed turf this year.

As such he is conspicuous by his absence. Have you seen this man? Any sightings should be posted in the comments section below......


  1. Where's Dave that's what I want to know.....

  2. I love woody i really miss him.

  3. I know where Woody is.... he's trapped in an interdimensional mirror that Jac uses as sun glasses. He needs Superman to explode an atom bomb next to them so the mirror can be shattered and Woody can make good his escape.

  4. woody is here and about - aaahhh people miss me !!!!
    Well I got made redundant twice in 6 months - so flying has been the last thing - now slowly getting back on my feet - so you should see me by the end of may !!! - Got a couple of new models to fly as well

  5. Hoooorrayyyy!!!

    Woody lives!

    Bad news on the job front then Woody, hope things are picking up for you it seems that you're not alone.

    Look forward to seeing you again soon