30 December 2008

three sites, one day

Soar Tour 2008 takes Deryck and Paul down south to try out an array of locations to round up the year

big blue

'High and Over' is our first spot. Paul arrives behind Deryck, the paragliders are packing up and the wind it pulling round to north east. From the car park we can see Bo Peep is working but as we're here we give this E-SE (I think) hill a go in the NE. It's working ok but the wind's light and you can tell it's off, so Beachy is the next target....

High and Over

Paul does battle with his vertigo as the whole world slides away

The coastal micro climate means Beachy is good, Deryck has found Mecca and gives the Toplight a good wringing out in the big air.

Peachy Beachy

Deryck celebrates Greek National Soaring Day with some traditional head gear
and a pointy, gitty goaty

Did I mention it was cold? Blowing upwards of 25mph any exposed skin is prone to frostbite, and the out of date self lighting BBQ gives us the proverbial two fingers and has a sulk. Next up Butts Brow...

Deryck's fore arm has withered and shrunk from being exposed to the raw easterly for no more than five minutes

Butts is jolly good as well, hairy landing on the eastern bowl and by the time we're done, the condensation on the wings has turned to frost!

Have a look at some of the action below....

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