18 December 2008

a better cloud base

Thursday starts shaping up to be rather splendid, there's a fair southwesterly, sun and 10 deg C! Oh well we knew it wouldn't last, by the time we congregate on the top of the hill there's 100% cloud cover, still that's never stopped play before.

Deryck spends his remaining 1/2 day leave wisely and takes the opportunity to maiden the ebay purchase of the centuary...it's a winner!

Alan, Colin, Paul, Deryck, Taxi Driver, A.N.Other and Ray strut their aeronautical stuff in the dark December air today. No carnage to report, a successful maiden, and some jolly transmitter inflight switching takes place (who needs a buddy box!), but we're on the doorstep of the shortest day and there's a gloom that won't lift.

seriously......WTF is going on here?

It's a bit bumpy but the fair wind means we have a jolly good time, so how's the forecast shaping up for next Thursday?

Alan, Deryck says you might find this handy (do a right click and 'save as')


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