14 December 2008

misty south

Paul gets lured down to the South Downs for a Sunday session, the forecast is saying the murk will clear by the afternoon. However, after a convoy from Butts to Firle, it's back to Longman to see if we can fly below cloud base on the outer face of the bowl.

longman had his head in the clouds most of the afternoon

It's with trepidation that we chuck off and find the hill is working (if you can keep sight of your model that is!). As the afternoon moves on cloud base rises and the smooth lift gets better

not from round these parts!

the plane's in that lot somewhere!

ey up! the lift's getting good, and the mist is clearing....where you off to?


  1. excellent paul, top marks

  2. cheers Mr Crazy Frog

    here's hoping for less cloud next time!