08 December 2008


8th December turns out to be a buoyant winter's day. The air has a feel of high pressure and the horizon nestles in murk, there's a light breeze but no cumulus appear until sunset. However, the weak winter sun on frosty ground means broad and mellow thermals are plentiful on the hill.

Alan picked up this light weight wing at the BARCs do yesterday, site of it gets wingophile Paul worked up into quite a lather!

Alan, Paul and Ray make the most of the smooth conditions. All the time the sun's out the afternoon is rather pleasant.

sun goes in, and these two try some physical jerks to keep warm.
Alan keeps things well clenched, while
Ray indulges in a quick bout of testicular tennis

Paul keeps a safe distance, recalling his mother's advice about shifty old men

Oh well.....there's lift out there that needs using up!

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