21 December 2008

mid winter

bizarre found object no.02

The last few days have brought a great run of usable air, and today is the shortest day so we're on the way back up chaps!!

Deep midwinter clothing itinerary from the skin up-

lacy g-string

thermal top and trousers (or tracky bottoms)

jeans and tee shirt



goose down body warmer

goretex fleece lined coat

fleece gloves (with just the very ends of the thumbs cut off)



a finite number of men take an infinite period of time to made a decision on a inconsequential matter

Jack maidens the bullet!

Saturday is rather good, there's westerlies afoot but the hill works and if you can hook a bubble altitude isn't a problem. Colin, Ray, Eric, Oil Rig Man and Jack get out for some pre-festive jollities. Good to see you back in action Jack! The immaculate bullet goes like any bullet does, even Paul has a go, recalling memories of 'park the bullet in the car boot' challenge.

dark days

mmm nekid carrrbon!!

Sunday is superb with a jolly good WSW. As the afternoon draws on the wind increases and the lift does get a bit 'blown out', but it's perfectly flyable all day. We have a visit from several fine chaps from the RCMF forum, there's 'Hairyflyer' and his posse form the flatlands, and 'Aeronaut' from the smoke. Locals include Jack, Eric, Paul, Ray and John. We also have a visit from Tonbridge Pike man who is on splendid form.
some splendid shots here
sexy fotos

good things on the hill


sun, sky and stuff

oooh yes!

What a cracking few days, there's been a bit of carnage but if you don't want to crash 'em then don't fly 'em! There's plenty of footage to follow some time over the next few weeks....Now how is that forecast looking for Thursday?


  1. Blue and I had a great day, many thanks for the warm welcome. Superb photo's, I look forward to seeing some video - keep up the good work.

  2. Cheers Hairy, thanks for visiting always good to have visitors...I'll be getting down to some serious editing post Christmas day!