16 July 2009

slack southerly

It's all jolly southerly, at times the wind follows the path of the path, quartering the hillside nicely. Oh well, we can sit and chew the cud, but seeing as we've bunked off work we may as well head over to Bald Nob and get some stick time in....

the senior sect decide to stay put

Easy Star comes in for a hard arrival and spills its guts
in the style of Mr Potato Head

Gary untucks his work shirt and doths a cap in an attempt to throw passers by off the scent

here his mouth forms the exact same shape as the Hyper's pod
just incase he fudges the hand catch

yup, smart casual...no bunking off going down over here

crossing the gap

checking us out

nonchalantly does it!
after all, how's he to know we've not booked this afternoon off

Mick wonders if anyone else is up for a bit of bare back rodeo

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