12 July 2009

Holly Hill

It's come to the fore that there's a risk of Holly Hill being in radio overlap with a recently formed local flying club.

The members of the club have said they'll try to stick with even numbered frequencies on 35meg, so if you're flying at Holly then please use odd numbers only or 2.4 sets.

Thanks for your consideration.


  1. But the rule is always gliders even numbers and power odd numbers!

  2. don't shoot the messenger

    take it up with Snodland Model Flying Club if you've got a problem with it

  3. I don't think whoever has started the club will take much notice of polite suggestions. Just take a look at the Club website - you can find it by Googling 'Snodland Model Flying Club' and then click on the 'Bebo.com Profile from Model Plane Builders' link and you'll see what I mean. Smashing strapline! However as the club is affiliated to the BMFA, they should be adhering to the 'Odds for Power and Evens for silent flight' ruling in the Code of Practice.