21 November 2016

more from the archives...

This dates back to 1953....chocks away old chap!
recognisable viewpoints detailed below...

several bits of the hallowed turf are clearly visible...

At 27sec. the T21 can be seen flying over the gulley to east of the lane

At 37sec. (facing south) you can clearly see where we fly from...except there's a hedge
running down the middle of the landing area. You can still see evidence of this on Google Earth.
Isn't there a rise (or a dip) in the field somewhere on this line?

At 1min 10sec. again looking south, you can see how clear the
area of land dropping away from the castle used to be.


  1. Well found Paul!
    I had my first flights in a T21 Sedburgh, followed by the T49 (I also found a clip of that as well when the first video stopped), followed by a clip of a 'new' glider being flown by a Mt D Piggott, a 'Dart a la Duke'!

    1. Ahh yes, I saw that one too Eric! I have been feverishly searching for more Detling airfield stuff, there's one more but sadly it's all ground based with Mr Piggott showing a trainer thingy for schools.

  2. While you're on the Pathé News Site take a look at Col. H Taplin and his electric plane from 1958. I reckon he wrecks it just after the clip ends. http://www.britishpathe.com/video/electrically-powered-model-planes

    Graham Woods (now in living in Somerset)

    1. How could you be so cynical Graham? they said it flies beautifully! ;-) Good to hear you've escaped the madness of the South East. Hopefully no shortage of hills in your locale?