04 November 2016

a silent dream in an indian summer

I think this all happened somewhere in
the middle of September.

plenty of landing lubricant on the patch

the cows sneak up on Eric

his Silent Dream is the flavour of the day...

hmmmm sunlight through wings

more of a glider guider's wet dream than a silent dream

a giant banana cruises overhead looking for its dinner no doubt...

the Silent Dream scampers away

I can sense a theme building....

some discussion over what this lovely looking model was...
suggestions welcome!

just a little more of this beauty

I hope you note that for once, there's no shortage of flying shots! 

no sign of the model eating flying banana, so they're carelessly frolicking in the lift again....

but it's spotted hovering at altitude, ready to dive on its prey!

Time to launch the Fyffe seeking missile

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