25 September 2016

it's creeping up on us all...

Can't quite remember when this was....
but we had a full compliment of white planes!

Charlie checks his phone for any clues as to what he might have been doing 
last week, while Bob wants to make sure we get his sizeable willy bulge in the shot

Mark, as ever, is on form with his launches....

Simon comes through with a screaming pass and starts a roll for the crowd.
Refreshments, seating and toilet breaks were made available
during the manoeuvre which was finally completed just before nightfall.

Charlie's new addition to the fleet; a Pat Teakle Salto

It's a winner! Not as frantic to fly as some of the modern versions, but
still a solid, confidence inspiring machine. The mown patch invites
an irresistible opportunity for touch-and-goes and despite Paul's more
'abrupt' attempts, the wheel stays firmly in place!

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