08 September 2016

before they were no longer famous

As the Goodwind floor joists began to bow under the ever increasing weight of aeromodelling journalistic back issues,
it seemed like an opportune time to have a clear-out. Whilst consigning some of the dope splattered
history of pointless pastimes to the paper recycling skip in the sky,
I happened across some of Thurnham's usual suspects in resplendent,
front page technicolor looking back at us from an age long past.... 

dedicated to the pre-privatised monster from an age before email communication,
it is actual postie John looking like a young slip of a lad!

It's actual Eric P (or maybe J.R Hartly?) showing us the
height of sartorial sophistication during his pre-sloping era!

...and to top off such a treasure trove, how surprised was I
when the postman actually came up the drive with excitement,
showing me who was on the cover of this month's
scintillating, select publication of....


  1. My gast is flabbered!!!

    1. Eric you must have made an appearance in the aeromodelling press at some pint in your esteemed gliding career?!!

    2. Yes, I have appeared a few times. In George Stringwell's 'Thermal Soaring' book he mentions me regarding a voltage monitoring device I used in my gliders - also there's a photo of me, with hair, about to launch a model, somewhere in the book.
      I also made the front cover of the December 1981 (I think) RCM&E when at short notice, the East Kent Soaring Association contingent, was asked to run the scale soaring competition at the BMFA Silent Flight Nationals.

      . . . and of course there's also the YouTube video of Tim and me at the ESSA scale soaring event in the early 90s, although no one believes it's me!

    3. I think I've got a copy of 'Thermal Soaring'....I'll see if I can track it (and the photo of you) down!!