21 August 2016

spotted in Germany pt 03

Finally made it up into the mountains today, checked out
the access to a couple of great looking slopes,
the only problem being the paragliderists....

I started rethinking the wisdom of my chosen
location when I saw these two in trouble
lower down on a rocky outcrop...

luckily for them, they were only about 60cm from safety


  1. Haha, you had me going with those first pics, which either confirms my optician appointment is overdue or says a great deal for the skills of the modeller, and the photographer of course! :-)

    1. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have any proper models of model gliders as part of the display!

  2. The two guys who created that magnificent layout in Hamburg took part in James May's Toy Story event when he re-ran the model tain run from Barnstaple to Bideford. It was shown on TV last week, but unfortunately I can't find it on iPlayer.
    I suppose you could always make a tiny model glider and pilot at the right scale and send it to them to display.

  3. Found it!