16 June 2013

Saturday 40mph and no bull!

(apologies in advance for the lack of flying shots)

Phil comes and mingles with the riff-raff for the day

He brings with him the mighty Condor

meanwhile Mark's DG has a terminal incident

"His name is Robert Paulson"

Mark thinks it might be a 'digit to stick' issue, and so undergoes
a surgical procedure to reduce the size of his hand. This will allow
him to make minute adjustments to the sticks....

 ...or something

The Smack's volumous Vortex makes a noise like a Formula 1 race bike, and we're all
highly impressed....

until we discover is just a bit of farty Solartrim!

Mr Taylor is very happy with the Condor

and we are captivated by the grassy swathe for quite some time

Phil (53) from Devon also enjoys country walks, live music..... 

and sizeable sail planes

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