05 June 2013

Lord of the Flies

Firle! we are inundated with procreating mayflies

too much additional tail weight means we're grounded...

and with all these pheromones in the air, a man's mind turns to the pleasures of the flesh!

Simon seems happy to receive!

but one flash of that designer underwear...

and it's all over!

manly Axel is having no part in this perversion

but Kirk is less discerning...

where's Axel gone?

 he seems to be playing hard to get

meanwhile we have a jittery Nimbus to tinker with

range check looks promising

it's still not happy in the air though

a swap of receivers does the job

 Jim and wing....soon to destroy itself in a fit of flutter

No flying shots as usual, hopefully the video of events will remedy this situation in a week or so....


  1. Tilman Baumann10 June 2013 at 13:05

    Those where ants not flies. Swarming sexual ants, which you would appreciate I think. :)

    But anyway, great pictures. Great story. Thanks

    1. what a shame.....'flies' just seemed so much more appropriate ;-)