06 June 2012

Holly Hill Havock

Cheers Liz for giving us the day off! Amazingly we also get a southerly air stream across the south east of England, so it's up to Holly early enough to make the most of the lift before the afternoon rain sets in.

An ex-Alan model returns to the hallowed turf, but in the ownership
of Martin this time round

Jason's lovely Algebra

away she goes

first tree climb of the day

 a happy crowd

Lee's lovely Alex

Jason preps the Fish


just for the record; it might have been Alan's model, but it wasn't his piloting

Ray's retrieve

A bit of ear hole humping to relieve the stress of a lost model

found it!....but we're going to need a bigger stick!

sling shot method no.1...fail!

sling shot method no.2.....fail!
time to call the tree surgeon

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