01 June 2012

finally airbourne again

Let's face it we've not been spoilt with flyable days recently, but earlier this week we had an afternoon of slacking in the sun up on the hallowed turf. The slope lift wasn't up to much, but there was a stream of lovely thermals bubbling through. 

 all your floater are belong to us!

 Sunshine gets some airtime in the sunshine

Wally Wing at the ready

test pilot surveys the sky implement

the owner gets so excited, his manhood bursts out of its lair but we get it
back under control with some gaffer tape

 off she goes!

 whoosh! (or what ever other noise you feel is appropriate)

 Martin's getting down with the Acacia

soaring, sun and shorts, what could be better!

 just back from the gym

that Fossy classic- the Centi-Phase

 flaps down (nob out)

Keith and his foamy '17

after all these years the Ellipse still shows its pedigree

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