16 April 2012

jack and jill via wolstonbury

A selection of the usual suspects risk a trip to the South Downs on a weekend.
Rather than battle the hordes at Bopeep, our intrepid slopers head for Wolstonbury.

there's good lift, but parking issues require a decamp to Jack and Jill across the way
(see above right of Phil's head)

verdant pasture, full size fly overs and spring blossom greet us!
another flier was visible over on Wolstonbury (above and left of Pete's head)

wind is off the slope, but thermals save the day
(windmill in the background available if you have £1.5 million going spare)

seven year old school boy type photojournalism documenting
the flagged up landing zone hazards

 Phil and the Falcon

Eric and the Stealthy Sittingbourne Soarer

 scalie and asymmetric flying wing

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