16 April 2012

17s own the downs

It's a blowy day at Bopeep and Eric's got one thing on his mind...

it's time to give the ASW 17 a good honest thrashing

5 metres of lovely Pat Teakleness

Le 'aeroplaneur du pike' with its vomit inspired paint job
just doesn't cut it in amongst the other scale beauties today

wasting no time, Eric gets airborne...or is it Gary's 17?
no it's definitely Eric's, I can still hear it whistling...

look who's just turned up stage left!

Eric flies...

and flies....

 .....and flies some more.
 Ably joined by Gary with the elephantine 17, the two are caught here in a nostalgic fly by
(note the 35 meg aerial in foreground to heighten the vintage aura)

Gary landing.......down flap equals anhedral

 after many joyous hours in the sky, the '17 slides over to
give its master a quick blowy by way of a thank you

with its epic lift, great view and wide landing
area, Ray's still not sure about the mighty 'Peep 

comparing sky tools, Gary's careful not to rest his
16 stone fuz on Eric's dainty light weight

oh go on then...just one more flight!

Well, some good news from Ray; turns out that it was neither a hernia nor a haemorrhoid
causing the discomfort; the brisk stroll to the patch brings on contractions and he
gives birth to a 50 year old, fully clothed male. We christen him Mark and it turns out he's a natural on the sticks.

 time to pack up and head for home

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