06 October 2011

xc success

The last of the heat wave provides ideal conditions for a final attempt on the 'Thurnham to Hollingbourne' cross country.

The home slope isn't working at all well but Deryck, Simon and Paul make an attempt on their goal on Sunday afternoon. It turns out the first gap in the ridge is the hardest and Simon lands out and calls it a day. Paul has the advantage with the lightest of the three gliders and pushes on leaving behind Deryck (unsure of the route) to head back the Thurnham.

The ploughed fields at the base of the Downs provide an almost constant source of strong thermal lift and allow for a fast pace. The greatest problem is the risk of losing sight of the model. There are several prolonged spinning and looping sessions to lose height as the glider continued to climb rapidly even with the spoilers out.

Paul arrives at Hollingbourne after about an hour and a half......how goal and return next time?

sun burnt and slightly too smug, Paul takes a celebratory dump on his glider

the route

larger version here

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