04 October 2011

holly delivers

High pressure over the duration of last week means summer leaves in a blaze or glory. A full gaggle of work shy reprobates gather at Holly to enjoy the sun, a gentle southerly and abundant thermal activity. Simon's inspired BBQ suggestion tops September off perfectly, it's the best 'fly and fry' we can remember and flying carries on past sun down.

Charlie's Alex (Slope Hunter Gary photo)

see...it IS autumn!

We've not even started on the beers and Graham already needs a no.1

launch time (Slope Hunter photo)

a very bad photo of the ladybird infestation

plumber's fix no.1

plumber's fix no.2

plumber's fix no.3

no. 4.....and yet it flies a treat!

bashing the bush (Slope Hunter photo)

time to start the thermal generator

nesting instinct kicks in (Slope Hunter photo)

"see all those people out there, they're still at work they are!"

it takes two qualified engineers to get the table erected

Gary's big wing....sun glasses required

the steaming pile builds up to spontaneous combustion

Cowboy Man joins in

in pursuit (SH photo)

big blue

strafing pass (SH photo)

testing Ray's rig (see the aerial was up!)

the shade is in demand

Luna / Pluto mid-air

nasty gash

Luna unperturbed

at times it's a session for light weight equipment

further proof

evening time draws near

Eric launches (SH photo)

perfect! (SH photo)

all good things must come to an end, but you'll be able to relive it here via the medium of film soon..


  1. Crumbs, just looking at the definition for reprobates.

    1. A morally, unprincipled, depraved, or damned person.
    2. Shameless.
    3. Rejected by God and without hope of salvation.
    4. Condemned.
    5. Abandoned to eternal damnation.
    6. Destined or condemned to eternal punishment in hell.
    7.A disreputable or roguish person

    That's what too much exposure to slope soaring does to you.

  2. we're long past any form of redemption Eric!