04 January 2011

new year gloom

They tell us the days are getting longer, but the first working day of the New Year sees many of the usual slacking suspects shrouded in dim cold clag on the brow of the Downs.

this morning's solar eclipse lasted until about 3.30pm at Thurnham

It's a day for floaters that can take a large moisture deposit on their wings and still keep scratching along. By the time we're all chilled to the core, the sun puts in a brief appearance that does little to warm our cockles, but at least it brings along a sprightlier breeze.

silhouette theme today

The patch is flat and fluid, and Deryck makes the most of the skid pan for long landing slides, model to temple impact concussion doing little to quell his fervour.

There is some thermal activity though, or is it just the dog turd bonfire behind the pub stirring things up?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

and then BOOM! the sun came out


  1. You certainly caught the mood of the day well Paul! - Roll on spring and summer.

  2. yes Eric, warm weather is all but a dim and distant memory, hopefully only another 3 months away.....