22 January 2011

I'm an inland soarer, get me out of here!

Deryck, Al, Bob and Paul hit the chilly coastal clime of Beltinge. We have intermittent drizzle and a wind that swings progressively NNE as the afternoon rolls on. You can't beat coastal lift for smoothness, but this contrasts strongly with the nasty rotor. It's working hard to claim a victim, but the only casualty today ends up being Paul's underpants following two particularly lairy landing approaches.

Deryck slips on by

the rotor lies in wait

Deryck's unphased

and continues his grooving on the lip

After all the roaring around these F3F wanna bees can take, they break out the foam and make best use of the northely blow heading off on a cross country to Reculver Towers. The cliffs have to be 'worked' a bit to get there, and by the time the elevation drops down to promenade level, both Paul and Deryck end up on the deck.

near miss with old briny

the bowl beneath the towers works well

but the light is fading

quit while you're ahead

On heading back to the cars, we bump into Janet Street Porter striking out across the cliff tops. A recent eye operation leaves her in a less than photogenic state. So despite the fact she'd love to be in close proximity to two grown men with their toy planes, she politely declines the opportunity to have a go on the sticks, or feature in the blog!


  1. Did you manage to fulfill your ambition of flying between the towers, Paul?

  2. not enough lift Eric, we'll try again on another day...we did manage to circumnavigate some other parts of the ruins though!