08 February 2009

sun, socks and safety

Despite withdrawing the beta site due to the snow fiasco, the BBC has been promising good things for Sunday all through the week. What's more Auntie comes good on the day and we're all systems go!

Boots shows us the way and tells us the vibe!

Right then, first things first! Steve's pole and ribbon have parted company and rather than succumb to cabin fever he's put those long winter evenings to good use and fashioned a damn fine wind sock. The next challenge is the mounting!

Steve's got the equipment, and the method
(no fences were harmed in the mounting of this sock)

Sherpa Westrup looks on as Sir Seabrook claims the summit

job done!

remember chaps, there is no 'i' in team!

Right then, on with job in hand. Up until about 11.30ish it's light and southerly and nothing's staying up. However, as the weak winter sun glances across the chalk ridge radiant heat warms the soil, the soil warms the air and BINGO! we're off!

There's Gary (from the smoke), Paul (from Canterbury), Phil (from Devon), Paul and Alan (from over there), Steve (I could tell you but I'd have to kill you), Big Al (from Sevenoaks?) Ray (from hell and back) and a couple of A.N Others.

A vast array of aeronautical implements adorn the hill side, Gary throws down the gauntlet and unpacks the Jart (from the Orient).

hells bells! what's afoot here?

Steve calls for backup, anticipating a breech of health and safely legislation

a rare beast indeed

Wind doesn't play ball though, and despite fair lift and a fair wind, the pointy nose beastie stays on the deck. Early afternoon sees a splendid slot for the paragliders and they get up and away in a manner usually seen only on a summer afternoon.

Phil maidens his new (to him) Mc Meekin Falcon. A rare beast indeed, only seven ever made and we get to fondle it! It's a jolly fine performer, and Phil is mighty happy.

Things pick up around threeish and the overcast sky cuts off any thermals, so the paragliders call it a day. We've all had enough too, so it's time to pack up and head off home...but what's this? 5.20 and it's still (just) light superb!

first proper fix of the year


  1. Hi Paul - Have just returned from the hill after another diastrous eHawk 'flight'. The windsock has gone, even the stick has been snapped off. Nearer the road the way markers for the public footpaths have been pulled down. When I get the chance I'll make up another 'stick and ribbon' affair that hopefullt would be less attractive to the passing idiot. - cheers Steve

  2. perhaps wire it up to the mains?

  3. Sad reflection of our times I'm afraid. Too many Neanderthals around thesedays to leave something so visible on a public site.

    P.S. When are we going to get a decent run of SW ???


  4. a couple of hours this morning by the look of it!!