27 February 2009

gift from gaia

Officially it's still winter in the UK, but as the biosphere begins the inexorable temperature rise in an attempt off kill of those pesky humans who are upsetting the balance, we get the most superb winter afternoon. It's good news for soarers and tee shirt wearers alike, there's sun, super smooth air and gentle, widespread lift in the west south west wind.

a study in foam

The morning shift is served by those of a more senior citizenship. Some of us have to keep this country going, so the afternoon brings out Steve, Ray, Colin and Paul and they all agree that it's bloomin' lovely. The paragliders get a slot in, there's skylarks and buzzards in the air, and if you can bear the pong of manure then all's good with the world.

cg....check!, lipo....check!, camel toe...check!

Steve's got the better of his Great Planes warmliner thingy, and it's a great little flyer. If we all had a missus who bought us birthday presents like that, surely the world would be a better place?

sorry.....are we boring you?

Steve communes with the brothers

dawn of the dead

the thing

Colin heads for home following the setting sun, Ranger Dave and the kiting boys come and sniff the breeze with us and marvel at the glorious evening.

Kite boys do their kiting thing


an abstract in plastic

Seems that 2009 could be shaping up to be a goody!

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