12 January 2009

busy sunday

Crikey it's a busy Sunday. They're all keen for a fix after a drought of suitable wind. We're joined by a hoard from Sheppy so there's a constant Zagi furball on the lip.

random point and shoot, and you're guaranteed a zagi in shot

Paul maidens his hotliner thingy

brotherly moral support

happy Jack

The lane is still icy, but we have Steve, Alan, Rod, Tom, Paul, Jack, Roger (and a few others that cannot be recognised through many layers of Thinsulate and Goretex) on the hill.

Hangliding men turn up, but think better of it...it's bloody busy on the ridge. The wind has a fair bit of south but comes on as the day moves on.
By about 2.30 the lightweights have had enough and head off home. We're joined by Sevenoaks man who gives the Pike a good seeing to again.

feeling better?


  1. I have been happy to see myself on your blog.
    Good work Paul,thanks.

  2. I happy to have you on it Jack! many thanks for flying for the camera

  3. I have been happy to see myself on your bog!!Nice work.PAUL H.

  4. I'm happy to have you on it too Paul H, opps I mean Anonymous!