28 June 2008

the scent of summer!

Yes it's certainly summer, and one of those hot windy days to look back on now the evenings are starting to draw in again.

we considered a BBQ, but once the Erwin had been left in the sun for 5 minutes, we just fried the burgers on its non stick wings instead

Kirk is woken from his sleeping bag by Paul W thinking he's going fast, but he isn't even off the ground yet!

The Croydon Crew start early aided by Alan, but are grounded by a quick hangglider hop. Deryck, Paul and Ray bring up the afternoon shift, followed by Paul, Kirk and Dave. It's certainly hot, and the wind has some west in it.

Dave, fed up with the sink decides to slope soar his new 3 inch racer off his chest

air rats buzz the patch, looking for a Lancashire terrace

The rough, powerful thermals mean flying skills tax that part of the frontal lobe honed for the task. This leaves plenty of time to sit in the clover, and put the world to rights. Good thing Dave brought the slim jims!

remember this when December 21st comes round!

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