21 June 2008

longest day

That fabled celebration in the soaring calender draws a crowd to the wind swept slope at Detling, too many unknown, unknowns arrive to be mentioned, but Vaughn, Ray, Mick, brother of Mick, dog of brother of Mick and may others arrive to enjoy a good toss into the wind.

Mr Gibson prepares his wild thing for a good hard toss


the wind doth bloweth from a slight southery tilt, but the uppage is good tho with many a bump!

a wide range of gravity deft implements are thrust forth, all perform with greatness of duration, even the thing of Ray hovers aloft for many a minute

cutting of the edge

The ritual is passed to those of foreign land whom hath encompassed within the ring!
..Wy wyrabiacie moje serce śpiewać

The search for a virgin is given up before it is even started, in such close proximity to Maidstone, such a hunt is futile

other temptations of the flesh come to light!

and if all else fails.....

one man and his dog!

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