18 November 2017


World War 2, the 1966 World Cup, I am a jelly doughnut!

Right, that's got all the prejudices out the way.

It was quite a treat to stumble across a group of Germans
on holiday on the South Downs a few weeks ago...

Archetypal German soaring machinery- a superb little Horten

Its urge for airborne freedom is restrained by
judicious placement of masking tape.

A lovely selection of flying machinery made it across the channel.

Vision controlled micro glider.

Anyone spot the signs of high pressure?
0 to 3mph means that the late afternoon turns into battle of the floaters.

They're packing up :-(

This lovely little DLG is the last down.

Consensus from our guests is that their national soaring
mecca (die Wasserkuppe) isn't a patch on the South Downs.


Long shadow at Longman.

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