18 October 2017

Friday 13th

There are some mysterious happenings on this unluckiest of days...


Barry's big Minimoa is ready for a test flight. Following the repair of a worn
elevator linkage that led to a suicidal career around the sky, she's ready to go
again with the anticipation of a little trimming.

Lo and behold we forgot it's Friday 13th and the test flight takes the form
of another suicidal career around the sky.

The Minimoa errs on the side of caution and decides to
unplug itself as part of the landing sequence sending out a
clear message to those in control.

Unperturbed, Jim gets the T21 ready for a sortie,
but this fine vintage machine has picked up on the air of
anxiety and begins to show signs of being a launch refuser.....

Taking the firm, no-nonsense approach, Jim tells the T21 to
pull itself together and with a firm slap across its hind
quarters off she goes into the damp gloom of the day.

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