10 June 2017

picking the moment

After 18 months or so of meticulous fettling
Eric's ASH 25 mi is ready for its maiden.

good turn-out from the committee of know-it-all 'assistants'

Eric is unphased 

Mark's looking strong and stable

top tosser is up and running

children scatter with fear in their eyes and terror on their tails

away she goes, straight and true after a couple
of false starts due to a overly conservative cg 

England's green and pleasant land.....and a glider

guys and dolls


  1. Hey Paul, just in case you thought no one reads your blog because you never get comments, I can tell you that I do, so here's one. Love your wordplay/puns, i.e.'guys and dolls' & the topical 'Strong and Stable'. If that's a German sailplane I think you need the word 'wiseheimer' for know-it-all assistants.

    1. Good to hear we're still tickling fancies even down in the West Country Graham! How are the hills on your new stamping ground?

  2. Popped in today on the way home from Whitstable - lovely conditions but no flyers! Had the 'scene' become less popular lately ?

    1. There don't seem to be the throngs there used to be on a regular basis....probably not a bad thing. The hardcore still get out as often as possible though. Any sign of your fingers getting itchy?

  3. Thanks Paul for posting some more photographic evidence of the slightly stressful maiden flight of the 25 - Deryk, if you had been there a bit earlier in the day you would have seen the ASH 25 in the flesh - good to hear from you.