17 March 2017

last of the high

Thursday evening sees the last of the high pressure and its
associated glorious weather drifting away from the South East of England.

Nipping up the hill for a pre-sundown quickie and what's this we find?
An early spring wild camper trying to get erect? 

No!.... in fact it's the rare sight of a hang glider up on the hallowed turf!

And this evening's quiz.... guess the subsequent chain of events. 

Did the pilot-

a)   rig his machine, assess the conditions for an hour or so and then pack up?
b)   rig his machine, consider flying for an hour or so and then pack up?


c)   rig his machine, do a pre-flight check for an hour or so and then pack up?

First correct answer to arrive via postcard at the Goodwind hangar
will receive a slightly swollen 3s lipo pack.


  1. He was there for a couple of hours putting it all together when we were there in the afternoon..

    1. Colin (the pilot) is a really nice bloke....need to persuade him over to r/c for all those days when he can't throw himself off the hill!

  2. I bet that the hang glider flies from Thurnham before Eric flies his new 7 metre glider.