02 February 2017

take it to the bridge

Not only are the Netherlands as flat as a witch's mammary gland, but last Tuesday they just happened to be just as cold as one too. Enough to stop even the most deranged slope enthusiast from committing aviation you might have thought?

Well it seems not.....

If you're after a hill in Holland, this is the best they have to offer.
Count yourself lucky the tide is out Paul, that's doubled the
height of the slope....for a limited time only!

a Radian, a shoreline and a motorway embankment
and we're in business!

with a bit of coaxing the Radian can be floated
up the embankment to the slightly stronger lift band.

the local soaring enthusiasts are friendly and helpful;
marking the way to the best lift with an outstretched beak

it's only then that we notice a much steeper slope
and so make a beeline for it....


...to be rewarded with the best lift of the day

fortune favours the brave

...dryness rewards the cautious!

and coastal air encourages proximity

'Hey Paul, has anyone ever told you that you look
just like Tom Cruise?' (when he has his
face reconfigured in Minority Report)

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