31 December 2016

last light

The last session of 2016....it's late, it's gloomy, but the hill is working....just!

maximum paraglider altitude

Eric has the tool for the job 

its beady eye is watching your every move

early effects of the new year celebrations  #nofilter

yes it really was this dark and miserable

(slope)police line, do not cross

Paul revs up for a fence line scratch around

he wasn't really going this fast...it's just the super slooooooow shutter speed
brought on by near darkness

He lands, and immediately has to wrestle his confiscated model
from a passing EASA officer (just out of shot) who tries to book Paul for
flying his 'UAV / drone' too high, too heavy, too close, etc etc.

Meanwhile Eric adheres strictly to the rules.

...and so there goes 2016

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