07 July 2015

going for a Burton....

When you're out and about, it often pays to investigate the local slopes....


Time for the wet finger test.
Huge boost to your already over inflated
ego if you've worked out the location
from this photo.

It's that vertically challenged legend of a slope- Burton Dassett.
Hmmm..... Paul's thinking it's a bit southerly, and the
resident corvids are flapping relentlessly.

One of the locals looks a little more optimistic though....


It's down hill all the way, followed by an abrupt slope side landing.

The toys stay in the car, and it's back on the road.

Back on the M40 and it's time for some full size spotting.
Bicester GC's K13 is scratching low over junct. 9
Seems as if everyone's struggling today!

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