12 January 2015

fe fe fe fe fe fridaaaay!

Team Turnigy in attendance...

Eric takes up the challenge of 'Man vs Glider' with a sprint
down the strip to see if he can beat a full size from Challock
on a low pass. Full size just pips him to the line as shown in this photo-finish. 

Foxy coming in for a touchdown

Charlie, a little worried it may scamper off into the bushes, shuffle steps up
to the Fox hoping it won't notice him getting closer

meanwhile Alan tests out his flap servo mounts against air resistance....

....and ground resistance

Simon's mid size ASG on finals....


and a instant, feline pounce is his favoured capture approach.

Here comes Eric.....or at least here come his ASH 26. Let's see how this
seasoned citizen of the slope prefers to immobilise his roosting aironautical

ahhh! the ASH 26 is a carnivore, so with the wisdom of age Eric takes a wide tangential
line prior to swiftly getting the muzzle on it from the rear.

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