07 May 2014

peeping again

the day starts with some full size action

followed by the mighty Fox

'spot the full size' competition
winner gets a freeze dried spring thermal

it's all scale today...

apart from the Germans

sloper's posture universally recognised across all borders

'the tree reached up and grabbed it'

Fox down

warming up for the Southern Cup

exactly how much crap is on the Goodwind lens?

Eric, sea and real life sloping

Eric, phone and sloping sim

it's the future

Gary left ballast at home, so opts for clipped wing mode

just prior to launch, the wind drops and it's on with the full span

hmmm, nice!

seems that scale is where it's at right now

but here comes a 1:1 scale squall....

so it's time to pack up the glidermobile

Paul hunkers down in there somewhere

Meanwhile there's been a lovers tiff in the front. Simon wants his 'Top 10 mouldie whistles' CD
on repeat all the way home, whereas Eric is adamant we should be calming down with 'sub 10mph wind noise' by The Edge. The Fox's fin goes up like the Berlin Wall.

peace offering, and we all manage to agree on
the audio book edition of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


  1. 'Top 10 mouldie whistles' I would buy that CD.

    1. Here are a few to get you started Tilman!


  2. I found the wine gum that Simon dropped.
    It was black so that's why he couldn't find it.
    I've brushed off the hairs and other detritus and put it back in the bag ready for our next jaunt. ;< ))

    1. Most excellent! I shall avoid the black ones until we have a fresh pack!