11 October 2013

the shape of things to come...

It would appear that summer has shuffled off into hibernation for its annual 51 week slumber. Bring on the misery of cold damp England, and just in case you can't quite recall what that's like, here are a few shots from New Year's Eve Eve 2012...

we have a traffic obstruction.....

in the world of the goggles....

Jason on the slope....a long gone and distant memory

grey, cold, chilly

Alpina begins to strip off in a joyous, hypothermia induced euphoric dance

let me just give you a hand there, you lusciously curvaceous creature!

last flight of the Wien

it's been a gentle and loving relationship...

but she's off to meet her new owner


  1. Just because you don't get any regular comments doesn't mean no one catches your web page. I think we all enjoy your images Paul.

    1. Thanks Graham....we don't seem to have got in as many sessions as usual this year, it seems work and weather has conspired against many of the regulars! Hope to see you and the Ivinghoe boys up at the might Thurnham again some time.

      All the best