27 March 2012

more than a week ago

Sadly, wind hasn't graced the hallowed turf for over a week now. A couple of keen stick twiddlers managed a quick session the Monday before last, but with a crossed wind and out of reach thermal activity, it's all jolly unsatisfactory!

shite hawks have a laugh at our expense

something pops up behind Eric...

we approach, but a heavily disguised Spiderman
snares the photographer, threatening Duke with the
same if he doesn't turn up his hearing aid and LISTEN!

 swopping hill side anecdotes    

at least one of us gets some air time

on the brink of high pressure dominance 


  1. Yes, it really was a testing session having to really scrape the face of the slope at about 10 feet altitude to find any lift at all.

    However we did have a long chat with the paraglider pilot which hopefully helped to improve relations between our two groups.

    1. let's hope for some south westerlies some time soon.....