23 February 2012

can you feel the power of the dark side?

Eric test flies his new electric model in readiness for this year's Ashdown cross country comp.

 hmm, looks like it could do with an extra wing bolt

 good climb rate...not so impressed with the glide

searching for that elusive winter thermal

 specking it out

my mistake, it's just stuck to the ceiling

 coming in for the landing bonus

nope, we'll go for a hand catch instead

Simon checks it over and reckons that fly bar dihedral is a good thing

you'll have someone's eye out with that

 tracking sorted, back off into the grey


  1. I'd have to have pockets full of batteries to get 'round the Ashdown Forest course as each battery only lasts 7 minutes, so I'd end up with a minus score through the number of battery changes. :<((
    This was my 102nd flight but my first flight out in the open, and as all previous missions had been in my bedroom, I lost orientation a couple of times when I went a bit too high - the model is quite small and the sky is very big and the wind is quite strong. . . and so it disappears a a rapid rate of knots! HELP, which way is it pointing?

  2. Hey, come on, there has to be some standards, this is a gliding blog after all: get that nasty thing off here!

  3. It's just not the done thing...he didn't even auto-rotate it!

  4. At my age when I can't go gliding due to poor weather I have to do something with my hands, otherwise the hand/eye/brain coordination ceases to function!

    OK Paul, I'll try auto-rotating slope soaring the little beast the next time I bring it to the hill.