09 June 2011

the chill of summer

a lush vista of glorious countryside greets us today

it's an active sky, but the thermals are torn by the wind

spot the full size fly over

Colin's feeling frisky in the late spring breeze

Paul's the nearest victim

Ray worries about getting a 12 inch mouldie in the back of the head

bizarre found object no.5 the mummy's finger

pick us a winner Paul!

there's a big lump of snot and balsa dust up there somewhere

the inevitable nob gag

let's get back to the flying

enjoying the craic

wind eases, it's time for the Bird of Time

note winter clothing required

quick landing as the rain cloud rolls in

Ray's last in the shelter

Wildthing hits the bottle

Mothership from the planet Head parks over Detling


  1. Great pics Paul, was a great evenings flying... role on more good weather!


  2. Cheers Steve, glad you could join in the fun, we must get some bottle action down on film next time

  3. great pics paul yep 2nd that good fun must have some more again soon col

  4. yup, let's do it again sometime soon Col!

  5. Sounds good! :-)